school holidays

yep, its the last day of the school holidays, yippee, I love having my kids at home and they needed the break but I also love term time and the routine etc that comes with it. The kids and I got our haircut today, just so they are tidy again for kindy and school, and we were going to have Miss K's uniform all sorted for her for Monday, but Postie plus put paid to that idea. They are the suppliers for our uniforms which we were supposed to be able to by for the start of this term. Well the Polo shirts are not available till the 26th of April, one week into the term, I am not very impressed as they have known for sometime that the shirts were needed to start the term.

I am also unimpressed that they carry very little of our uniform size wise as well, I have had to order the polar fleece because they were sold out of the size I wanted.... overall I am so far unhappy with the whole experience.

K has been doing a holiday programme through Run rig she has loved it, Ben has been unsure about her doing a christian one, but no other groups offer this sort of thing for free and I have to say I think its been really good for her and her understanding of God etc.

WE had an awesome trip last Friday to Wellington, we took the kids to the Zoo, they absolutely loved the whole day, and did argue or anything all day which was great seeing it was such a long day for them all.

So its been a pretty good holidays, I have done some sewing and we have just hung out with friends etc.



Widge said...
April 16, 2010 at 5:40 PM

yes we are itching to get back into routine after some 'fly by the seat of our pants' holidays. bummer about your school uniform shopping, I've had that experience too in the past.

Azlemed said...
April 16, 2010 at 9:18 PM

O love the holidays, but I am worn out this time, and looking forward to kindy and school going back.... have just been reading your blog, very cool. D

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