creating is good.....

I have been on a sewing buzz for the last two weeks, I have made 4 baby slings, 2 dresses for me, some skinny jeans for the girls, a merino top for Ben and one the same for the wee boy.... I also have three skirts cut out as well....

I am really enjoying sewing and have been using fabric out of my stash which is great. I especially am liking sewing merino, its a delicious fabric to work with, it has natural stretch, and its just so easy to sew.

I am planning on challenging myself soon, I have seen some hot pink wool fabric and I could see it making a beautiful knee length coat, so I have decided that I want to get some and try to make a tailored coat, it will mean learning some new skills which will be really good for me.

Its really nice that the girls like that I make them clothes, I remember loving it when Mum and Grandma made us new clothes, we used to get a couple of complete outfits each season which was very exciting. I aren't quite up to that level yet but its nice to be able to make them clothes, and for less than I could buy them. for example I paid $18 for 1.8m of denim, out of that I got a skirt for K and I, a pair of skinny jeans for K and a pair for N, not bad really, 4 items for $18 plus the time it takes me to sew them.

So I am enjoying the value of sewing for our family and the enjoyment of getting compliments on what I make.



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