Slack blogger

Sorry I haven't been blogging lately, I have been too tired and too busy, Its school holidays and having four kids takes up lots of time :) not that its a bad thing it just means that blogging isn't important at the moment.

N is 7 weeks now, she is just lovely, she smiles and is beginning to make neat noises other than crying, the girls are great with her, K even changes nappies which is very cool. O isn't so sure about her but calls her baby and gives her hugs and kisses.

Ben is spending a lot of time writing his PhD, I am over it at the moment and just want to see the damn thing finished, I am sure it will be worth it once its done but at the moment its just hard slog for him and tiring for both of us.

I have managed to start riding my bike again, I can do 5km in around 15 minutes which is good, I am wanting to get up to 20km to do the tour de manawatu later this year, The two big girls did their first triathlon of the season on Sunday, it was great, a friends 15 year old did it with L and I did it with K, I wasn't able to walk/run with her so I biked beside her instead (my hips are still too sore for walking far, biking is easier as its a lot lower impact)

My weight loss plan for the year is still happening, I haven't gained any extra which is good, just need to drink more water and keep up the exercise.



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