Mary Poppins is gone

Some of my readers may know that we have had a nanny for the last three months, its been great and we often refer to her as Mary Poppins.

Today was her last day with us and its been quite sad, L was devastated when she finished up, but things in life change and for us that change is having a new nanny start on Monday, Mary Poppins has been brilliant and a huge help with my pregnancy, the kids and around the house, and we will really miss her presence. Mary though has decided that she needs an education so is heading home to Chch to become a nurse. Shes going to be great at it and we hope she enjoys the challenges that lie ahead for her.

When we first decided to have a nanny it was very daunting, we knew that with my dodgy hips that I couldn't do some very basic things around here, even putting O in his cot was causing me lots of pain, it was strange at first having another set of adult hands here to help but its been a great experience for our family and I am glad that we have had this extra help when we need it.

So to Mary Poppins thank you, we will miss you heaps and good luck.


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