day 11

Sorry I haven't posted for a few days, N is doing great, she sleeps around 3 hours at a time and is breastfeeding beautifully. Its like she has always been part of our family, or maybe its just that I am confident that I can do this so its just easier.

I have had Mum staying since last Sunday, it was great having her here esp as I got a chest infection and tonsillitis on Monday night so was very crook with that. Mum went home on Friday so now we are adjusting to being our wee family of 6.

I am still having issues with my hips, they haven't gone back to normal after N's birth, I am still getting pain walking or doing most normal activities. I am going to ring physio this week and see what they suggest that I do, I am still using the smiley belt, and am contemplating using crutches again, I find if I walk to school its semi-ok if I push the pram, a bit like a walking frame.

The older kids are really good with N, O is having a few issues but some of that is just that his position as the baby has changed in the family, L and K have taken it all in their stride, L had N as her news at kindy the other day which was very cool for her, I will take N to school one afternoon this week so K can show her to her class.

We have gotten a carrycot for our double mountain buggy which is great it means she has a bed for when we go out anywhere, we have used it a couple of times now (for school athletics, and a tri club race today).

K had her school athletics on Friday, I was really proud of her, even when she missed the height on the high jump she kept trying, and she wasn't last in any of her races like I would have been.



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