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I had the hospital ring today and I am to see the Gynaecology consultant on the 5th of October which is 2 weeks away, not too bad sooner would have been good though. I am to see Dr Hansen who was the person who did my ectopic pregnancy surgery, so at least I know who she is.

I got another phone call too today from ultrasound, they had a cancellation so I am getting my scan done at 3pm today, its a pain time because of school pick up but you don't say no to things like that. So things are moving well on the one front for my health.

I am still in a lot of pain though, I didn't get to sleep before 3am this morning and that was after being up 3 times for pain relief. Its getting hard as me being sick is impacting a lot on the kids and Ben.

Now just to get the colonoscopy etc done so we can see if there are any other issues that need dealt with health wise.

so yay for moving forward slowly, I am a bit freaked though as the Dr on Saturday mentioned that they may have to take one ovary or do a hysterectomy, it was a bit like "whoa hold on", thankfully we are finished having children but at 34 I feel a bit young to be making those decisions. Yes its only a uterus, I guess it seems rather final etc. I cannot really explain it, maybe if I was a bit older it wouldn't be such a big deal, or if I had yucky heavy periods etc but I don't so its feeling pretty radical at the moment.

I am hoping though that it wont come to that and that its just going to be  routine laproscopy to remove the cyst.

D xx


DAVID HAAS said...
October 21, 2011 at 7:41 AM

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