school soon

three weeks today Miss L will start school... wow, she will be 5, I look at her some days and wonder where that time has gone, I will have 2 wee girls at school and two lil ones at home with me....

I am actually really excited about her starting school, shes bored at kindy and needs some new challenges. She is ready for school too, she has her first school visit this week and has been doing Smart Start for a few weeks now. (smart start is a system our school has where we take them on a Monday afternoon to school for an hour in the class they will be in with the teacher and anyone else starting in the next 8-10 weeks..)

I have to get the last bits of her uniform this pay and then we just have to wait for her to start and to plan a 5th birthday party..... which will be after she starts school as Ben is away the week before her birthday and I don't want to plan everything on top of a week of parenting alone....



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